About Apple Skin Care


Apple Skin Care is changing the way people look at skin maintenance.

Feel your utmost; look your best.

What sets us apart is our strategy in serving each and every one of our customers. As an Apple Skin Care client, you get unprecedented level of consultative services from our skin care specialists. We listen, and understand your skin concerns. We then formulate a direct and effective plan to address your concerns, and keep track of your progress to better, improved skin.

Fresh. Targeted. Innovative. Youthful......The future is now, and it’s looking great.


Apple Skin Care was established by a group of experienced skin care experts, focusing on providing solutions for Asian skins and its related problems. Through the various highly targeted and result-oriented treatments administered by our skin experts, it is our goal to bring about the ideal skin conditions for clients in the quickest possible time.

Our Product formulations are founded, researched and developed in France, using proven and guarded “secret” formulas that are highly suited for our clients. These products are 100% plant-based, and dermatologically proven to produce visible results.

Our Team of professional skin care experts went through years of extensive training and is fully qualified to treat the most severe Asian skin problems. They are constantly upgrading and enhancing their skills with ongoing training, ensuring that their knowledge and expertise are relevant and up-to-date, meeting the strictest of approved industrial standards.

A good skin should be like an apple, looking healthy and fresh!”

Our Mission aims to help you restore your beauty to the healthy good looks of an apple.