24K Gold Uplift Facial Treatment

Unveil A Youthful Complexion

24K Gold Uplift Facial Treatment
ONLY $38

   Lifts and sculpts facial contours
   Renew and revitalize your skin
   Reduces fine lines and wrinkles

Painless way to achieve a V-Shaped face!

Apple Skin Care’s 24K Gold Uplift Facial Treatment is a non-invasive face lifting treatment that helps to brighten, sharpen and improve the elasticity of your skin to look and feel firm, fresh and revitalised. Step into Apple Skin Care and indulge in a deeply hydrating treatment with a long-term effect.

Benefits of 24K Gold Uplift Facial Treatment

  • Achieve a slimmer, v-shaped face
  • Enhance skin’s luminosity and tone for a firmer skin
  • Reduce appearance of signs of aging like fine lines/wrinkles
  • Lightening of dark eye circles
  • Fresher, more youthful-looking skin
  • Restores the natural pH balance of the skin

With the 24K Gold Uplift Facial Treatment, you can say goodbye to double chin and saggy skin.



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10 Indulging Steps To A Fresher You

Book your appointment now to experience the power of 24K Gold Uplift Facial Treatment. Every skin is different – our specialists will customise your treatment based on your skin profile.

Step 1: Computerised Skin Analysis
Step 2: Gentle skin cleansing
Step 3: Facial steaming to open up pores
Step 4: Eyebrow trimming
Step 5: Facial extraction
Step 6: Use of contouring professional machine
Step 7: Relaxing face and shoulder massage
Step 8: Oxygen and cool steam
Step 9: Application of mask
Step 10: Finishing product application to hydrate skin


"I am glad that the staffs were very professional with the extraction and pain was minimal, but most importantly they had a special device to disinfect after extraction, and a healing mask which helped a lot."

- Felicia

"Apple Skin Care provides great facial treatments! Especially my therapist, Alice, she is very friendly and I feel very relaxed during the procedure."

- Tricia Tan

"The employees at Apple Skin Care are so accommodating and very professional. Will definitely come back."

- Hui Xuan

"Effective and definitely painless. Saw results immediately after the first treatment!"

- Rachel Lim

"My skin has improved so much after the facial sessions. Very friendly and caring staffs, especially Amy. Highly recommended!"

- Dawn Seetoh

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