Anti-Maskne Facial Treatment

Unveil A Flawless Complexion

Anti-Maskne Facial Treatment
ONLY $38

   Treat acne breakouts, clogged pores and oily skin
   Evens out skin tone and reduce acne spots
   Suitable for oily and combination skin

Say Goodbye To Maskne

Apple Skin Care’s Anti-Maskne Facial Treatment is a cleansing and purifying treatment that helps to treat acne breakouts, unclog and purifies pores to improve overall complexion. Step into Apple Skin Care and indulge in a deeply revitalizing treatment with a long-term effect.

Benefits of Anti-Maskne Facial Treatment

  • Treat acne breakouts from wearing of masks
  • Unclog pores and clear congested skin
  • Whiteheads & blackheads removal (No more rough patches!)
  • Reduce inflammation & redness
  • Boost hydration and restore moisture

With the Anti-Maskne Facial Treatment, you can say goodbye to maskne and hello to flawless skin.



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10 Indulging Steps To A Good Complexion

Book your appointment now to experience the power of Anti-Maskne Facial Treatment. Every skin is different – our specialists will customise your treatment based on your skin profile.

Step 1: Computerised Skin Analysis
Step 2: Gentle skin cleansing
Step 3: Facial steaming to open up pores
Step 4: Eyebrow trimming
Step 5: Facial extraction
Step 6: Use of contouring professional machine
Step 7: Relaxing face and shoulder massage
Step 8: Oxygen and cool steam
Step 9: Application of mask
Step 10: Finishing product application to hydrate skin


"I am glad that the staffs were very professional with the extraction and pain was minimal, but most importantly they had a special device to disinfect after extraction, and a healing mask which helped a lot."

- Felicia

"Apple Skin Care provides great facial treatments! Especially my therapist, Alice, she is very friendly and I feel very relaxed during the procedure."

- Tricia Tan

"The employees at Apple Skin Care are so accommodating and very professional. Will definitely come back."

- Hui Xuan

"Effective and definitely painless. Saw results immediately after the first treatment!"

- Rachel Lim

"My skin has improved so much after the facial sessions. Very friendly and caring staffs, especially Amy. Highly recommended!"

- Dawn Seetoh

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