Expert S-Curve Slimming

Look and Feel Fabulously Slim and Healthy!

Expert S-Curve Slimming
ONLY $68 for a 90-minute session
(original price $300)

   Safe and natural
   Burns fat
   Breaks down cellulite
   Tones the body
   Fights obesity

Get Slim and Lose Weight without Surgery

Achieve the slender and elegant body of your dreams with our Expert S-Curve Slimming Treatment. It is a safe and natural weight loss solution that doesn’t only help you look slim, but helps you become healthier as well!

We target the most stubborn areas:

  • Waist
  • Arms
  • Thighs
  • Tummy
  • Hips
  • Stretch marks
  • Cellulite
  • Post-pregnancy weight gain
  • Toxic and water retention

Cutting-Edge Technology

We combine our expertise, skills, and the latest and safest technologies to help you achieve a sexier and curvier shape without going under the knife. We use clinically-tested slimming techniques and technology to give you a painless slimming and body shaping alternative.

Our body shaping procedure utilizes:

  • Vacuum energy
  • Radio frequency energy
  • Infrared light energy



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Bye, Unhealthy Fats! Hello, Hourglass Body!

Combat cellulite, fight obesity, and reshape your body all at the same time. See instant results after one 90-minute session with Apple Skin Care’s beauty experts. We don’t just make you slimmer and look good, we help you achieve weight loss in a quick, yet safe and effective way. If you find yourself unable to exercise and lose weight because of lifestyle or medical reasons, the Expert S-Curve Slimming is the recommended alternative for you.

Get in better shape in just 3 steps:

Step 1: Consultation of body fat analysis. Our treatments are tailored to each customer’s needs and condition. You will be talking to a professional consultant who will perform careful analysis, discuss with you the procedure, and give appropriate advice on diet and lifestyle changes.

Step 2: Our slimming techniques. Combining our skills and the latest and safest non-surgical equipment and tools, we will perform trimming procedures, cellulite treatments, and muscle toning on the target areas.

Step 3: Fit into your old clothes again. Get noticeable results after your 90-minute session. Your clothes that used to be a little too tight can now feel a little loose and more comfortable to wear. For better results, do make sure to come back for follow-up sessions.


"I am glad that the staffs were very professional with the extraction and pain was minimal, but most importantly they had a special device to disinfect after extraction, and a healing mask which helped a lot."

- Felicia

"Apple Skin Care provides great facial treatments! Especially my therapist, Alice, she is very friendly and I feel very relaxed during the procedure."

- Tricia Tan

"The employees at Apple Skin Care are so accommodating and very professional. Will definitely come back."

- Hui Xuan

"Effective and definitely painless. Saw results immediately after the first treatment!"

- Rachel Lim

"My skin has improved so much after the facial sessions. Very friendly and caring staffs, especially Amy. Highly recommended!"

- Dawn Seetoh

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