Face Treatment

Perfect Skin Booster Treatment

Signs of aging include fine lines and wrinkles. Are they starting to show on your skin? Restore your skin’s firmness and elasticity with our Perfect Skin Booster Treatment. Get back that youthful glow with this deeply hydrating treatment that lasts a long time! It tones, refines, and nourishes your skin to look and feel fresh and revitalized. Achieve whiter, brighter, and younger skin with the Perfect Skin Booster Treatment.

Rose Purifying Facial Treatment

Skin feeling clean and smooth all day? It’s possible with our Rose Purifying Facial Treatment. Let your skin breathe and be refreshed with this deep cleansing treatment that brightens the skin and restores its natural pH balance. Rose extracts hydrates your skin and stimulates cell renewal, while rose gel helps unwind and soothe your nerves. The Rose Purifying Facial Treatment also has safe and painless deep exfoliation and extraction that unclogs and tightens your pores for a natural beauty that needs no make-up!

Deluxe Detox Facial Treatment

Just like your body, your skin needs detoxing too, especially after a long and stressful week. The Deluxe Detox Facial Treatment opens up your pores by intensive steaming for that deep, revitalizing cleansing. Eliminate deep-seated impurities and excess water and at the end of the treatment, you’ll come out feeling clean and brand new.

Perfect Acne Solution

Pollution, stress, eating habits, and hormones cause acne. These are the things we can’t avoid. Good thing there’s the Perfect Acne Solution to save the day. Our quick and effective treatment provides relief and resolution to your acne troubles. It’s non-invasive too, perfectly safe and suitable for all kinds of acne.

V-Shape Face Trimming

As we age, collagen production slows down, causing the skin on our face to sag and lose definition. Contour and shape your face without the blade! V-Shape Face Trimming is a safe and non-surgical procedure that helps you achieve a more defined V-shaped face and long-lasting firming results.

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