Freckles & Pigmentations

The Problem:

  • Freckles are little brown speckles that are circular or oval in shape, and are mainly focused on the areas between the eyes all the way to the jaw. In serious cases, freckles can be seen as hundreds of tiny dots spread out over the face.
  • Freckles are caused by the precipitation of melanin. Its formation is attributed to frequent and long-term UV exposure, hereditary, high PH balance in the skin, dysfunctions in internal and hormonal secretions, etc.
  • The development of these brown spots usually takes place during the preteens to teenage years (around 16 years old) and can multiply gradually from then on.
  • Freckles are more common among young girls with very fair skin tones. Freckles can darken under onset of stress or during the menstrual phase. If proper care is not taken, these freckles can stay on the skin permanently.
  • If one parent has a history of freckles, chances are the children will develop them too.
  • Some of us think that pigmentation is nothing to worry about, but once the melanin starts to increase and embed itself in the skin cells, it can be aggravated, causing changes to our skin tones.


Apple Skin Care’s solutions:

  • Exfoliate dead skin cells.
  • Treat and renew damaged cells.
  • Stop abnormal secretions of the melanin cells.
  • Diminish pigmentation, and whiten the affected areas.
  • Protect the skin from free radicals (emitted from UV rays).
  • Boost the skin's metabolic rate.
  • Provide the skin with adequate nutrients and moisture.
  • Renew the skin regrowth process by stimulating the growth of new skin cells.